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Between two Kurdistans: a Russian anthropologist’s journey in search of self-government

Kurdistan is the unofficial name of territories where Kurds form a majority of the population. These include large parts of modern-day Turkey, Iraq, Iran, and Syria

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Salih Muslim: nuestro modelo es aplicable a todo el Medio Oriente

Salih Muslim es el co-Presidente del PYD (Partido de la Unión Democrática) junto a Asiah Abdullah, el principal partido de la autoproclamada región autónoma de Rojava, el Kurdistán sirio

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ROJAVA! …Political upheaval…military conflict…social revolution…

In the 2 years since the Turkish military declared war on the Kurdish people in the south east of their country (in Northern Kurdistan) there has been little concerted protest from the ‘Left’

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The Turkish military is attacking Kurdish civilians in Kobane

the Turkish military crossed the border and attacked the civilians with tear gas, water cannons and bullets. *Until now 41 civilians have been injured and one 19 year old man was killed

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Syrian Kurds respond to Turkish accusation

YPG General Command said they have no links to the attack, remarking that Davuto?lu put forward this accusation to pave the way for an offensive on Rojava and Syria

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Pain and happiness side by side in Kobanê

While the cleansing operations of the YPG/YPJ forces against the ISIS gangs continue in Kobanê canton, in the city itself life is returning to normal amongst the rubble. The historic resistance of the YPG/YPJ forces in Kobanê broke the hold

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