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‘Exiled at Home’: A Film Featuring Syrian Author Khaled Khalifa

We publish here an article by ArabLit. (http://arablit.org/) “Exiled at Home” is a short film by Lina Sinjab, centered around acclaimed Syrian novelist Khaled Khalifa, who recently announced that he will not be traveling to the US in November for the National Book Award

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DAY 256 – AFRIN UPDATE Who, is Listening?

October 2 was 256 days, 37 weeks “of violations…killing, and displacement” as well as the “seventh month of international silence on letting the murder, abuse, and looting be carried out in the Afrin area

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Turkey sends ammunitions to gangs in Syria

The Turkish state gathers gang groups around Aleppo and Bab and dispatches weapons to the gangs

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