Tuberculosis epidemic in Şakran Prison

by Orsola Casagrande | 28th November 2020 4:54 am

orsola casagrande

The prisoners in Şakran T Type Closed Prison are reported to have caught the tuberculosis epidemic along with Covid-19. It is informed that the prison administration concealed the epidemic and did not take any measures.

Violations of right in prisons continue to increase. In addition to recurrent violations, the coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak also raises concerns. After the first cases appeared in March, both the prisoners and their relatives are anxious as measures to prevent the infection to spread are not taken sufficiently.

The family of Delil Tekin, who is kept in Şakran T Type Prison, revealed that there is a tuberculosis epidemic as well as the Covid-19 epidemic in prison. Delil’s elder sister Vesile Tekin said that the prison administration did not take any measures to handle the situation.

Tekin explained the situation in prison with the following words: “When my brother called in the last meeting, his voice was anxious. He told me that tuberculosis was also spreading in prison along with the coronavirus.

The prison has not taken any precautions and in fact they have hid these diseases. When the prisoners request hygiene material for the virus, the prison administration does not give material to them. The prison does not take precautions, nor does it allow prisoners to take precautions. We live in permanent concern. The prisoners are in danger but nobody is doing anything. The prison must take measures. Deputies or lawyers should investigate if there are such problems.”

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