Ilham Ahmad: The Turkish state carries out war crimes, Europe must take a stance

Ilham Ahmad: The Turkish state carries out war crimes, Europe must take a stance
The president of the Executive Committee of the Syrian Democratic Council, Ilham Ahmed, told Reuters that the Turkish state is committing war crimes against the components of north and east of Syria, and it threatens the whole of Europe to send fighters of the terrorist organization ISIS if Europe does not comply with its conditions.
Ahmed said the EU should take firm positions towards the Turkish state which would send militants and members of the terrorist group ISIS to European countries.
She added that the decision of the US president to withdraw, has had a significant impact on Turkey’s implementation of its threats and attacks areas of north and east of Syria, which is cosidered as a “betrayal” for the thousands of martyrs from the Syrian Democratic Forces who lost their lives in the battles to defeat terrorism.
Ahmed said that Britain and all of Europe today face the risk of infiltration of ISIS terrorists, who fled from their places of detention in north and east of Syria as a result of the Turkish aggression and its mercenaries.
She noted that the sudden US withdrawal paved the way for the Turkish state and its militant factions to liberate the elements of ISIS terrorists and take them to the areas it occupied in north and east of Syria.
She called upon the European countries to send their soldiers (2,000 European troops) to the Syrian-Turkish border to prevent Turkey from smuggling ISIS members out of detention centers and then send them to the West.
She also called European countries to stop the supply of arms to Turke
y, adding that these weapons kill our people who fought terrorism on behalf of the world.
In the same context, Ahmed said that the West should investigate the use of the Turkish state of internationally prohibited weapons against the components of north and east of Syria in its aggression on the cities of Sri Kanyie / Ras Al-Ain and Gre Spi / Tal Abyad, in addition to other crimes amounting to war crimes.



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