Ivan Marquez: Together we will build peace

Ivan Marquez: Together we will build peace

While preparations for the X Guerrilla National Conference which will open on Saturday 17 are underway, members of the Peace Delegation of the FARC-EP have briefly spoken to NC-Nueva Colombia (the FARC own television news channel) sharing their feelings about the Conference and the new era facing Colombia, after the signing of the Final Peace Agreement between the guerrilla movement and the Colombian government.
Chief of the Peace Delegation, comandante Ivan Marquez, said: “I want to say to the Colombian people that peace belongs to everybody and that we all have to make a joint effort to turn into reality this dream that had been delayed for so long. Today we are at the threshold of building peace. I want to state this clearly: the signing of the Final Agreement is not the Peace, the signing of the Final Agreement is not the arrival point it is a departure point and from there all of us, the Colombian people, have to look for change and transformation. Our voice is the voice of the people claiming for rights, claiming for social justice, claiming for peace”.
Other members of the Peace Delegation of the FARC-EP also shared their feelings with NC. Pablo Catatumbo said of the Conference that “it will be a very important appointment for our country as it’s going to mark the end of internal confrontation and the beginning of a new era for our country”.
A thought confirmed by Delegation member Alexandra Narino who said that “This Tenth Guerrilla Conference will be very important because there the guerrillas will ratify the agreements and we will decide which route we will take as a political movement, without arms”.
Peace Delegation member Jesus Santrich wanted to tell “our fellow countrymen and women we want to say that the FARC-EP has fully committed itself and has put all its will to make the end of the war possible. We hope the government will comply not just with the commitments taken with the FARC but above all we hope the government will comply with the commitments its has with the people of Colombia”.

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