?emdinli marks the anniversary of the bomb attack on Umut Bookstore

by Talking Peace | 9th November 2013 5:35 pm

People in Hakkari’s (Colemêrg) ?emdinli (?emzînan) district have closed their shops today to mark the eight anniversary of the bomb attack which was carried out by JITEM (Gendarmerie Intelligence and Anti-Terror Unit) and targeted the Umut Bookstore in the district on 9 November 2005.

Residents of the district are expected to gather outside the BDP (Peace and Democracy Party) building in the afternoon before paying a visit to the grave of Mehmet Zahir Korkmaz and Ali Y?lmaz who lost their life in the attack and the incidents it led to.

Following the visit to the graveyard of two victims, demonstrators will stage a torch march on Cumhuriyet Avenue and make the opening of the Umut Bookstore which has remained closed since 2011.


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