Bay?k: Kurdish National Congress should be grounded on a democratic model

by Talking Peace | 9th November 2013 5:33 pm

Speaking to Yeni Özgür Politika daily about the Kurdish National Congress, and the reasons for its repeated postponement, KCK (Kurdistan Communities Union) Executive Council co-president Cemil Bay?k said that the KDP’s (Kurdistan Democrat Party) refusal of the co-chair system, and south and north Kurdistan’s insistence on having an equal number of delegates constituted an obstacle to the gathering of the Congress.

Bay?k underlined that the Congress should be grounded on not impositions but on a democratic model which -he said- is a platform above parties and should represent all tendencies in a democratic way.

Referring to the attitude of the KDP which -he said- refused the co-chair system and insisted on the presidential system, and south and northern Kurdistan’s demand to have equal number of delegates to the Congress, Bay?k underlined that; “This makes no sense and cannot be fair. We have already highlighted our suggestion that all decisions must be made on the basis of an agreement by all sides. Southern Kurdistan’s demand to have equal number of delegates with northern Kurdistan indicates a different intention”.

Bay?k remarked that some international and regional powers, including some Kurdish circles, didn’t want the gathering of the Kurdish National Congress in a way different than what they demand.


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