New legal system in Rojava

One of the most significant developments of the revolutionary struggle in Rojava has been the institution of a new system of law and the opening of people’s courts. The Rojava Kurds did not have any legal rights, and now they are laying the groundwork for an alternative system of law that would fairly represent their rights and demands. The lawyers of Rojava explained the new legal system in a report by D?HA and translated by The Rojava Report.

Rojava Law Committee member Emina Omer said that they are founding a new system in Rojava, which they hope to base on a true and fair legal system. The law committee, Omer said, has female lawyers, as well as representatives of the people: “We are constantly in touch with other NGOs (…) women’s organizations, institutions of public order, municipalities, and human rights organizations in Rojava. When there are legal problems, we try to solve them.”

Omer said there are numerous public courts in Rojava, to whom not only the Kurds, but also Arabs and Christians are appealing. The courts have so far resolved numerous conflicts. On their constitution, Omer said, “There are lawyers, as well as the people and women. We are working hard.”

“Many problems are resolved by women.”

Omer furthered that like all institutions in Rojava, women are also active in law: “Women are in every institution in Rojava. A lot of problems are being solved thanks to agency of women. When they cannot solve it in society, they take it to the courts. (…) At least 40% of all institutions are comprised of women.” Committee member Ebdulrehim Mihemmed said that they have thrown off the shackles of the sordid laws the Ba’ath regime imposed upon the people of Rojava:

“Beforehand, there was a rule of law, one that the Ba’ath regime imposed on us. But we found our own courts, and we have freed ourselves from the dirty law of the regime. During the B’ath era, Kurds almost had no legal rights. But right now we have our own legal system and everyone’s a part of it. We are laying the foundation of the new legal system on the lifestyle of our people.”

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