Roboski families: Hear our voice


The families of 34 Roboski victims who were killed by Turkish warplanes on 28 December 2011, gathered at the graveyard of victims yesterday for the weekly Thursday ceremony to once again voice their demand for justice and urgent steps to relieve their pains.
Speaking at the weekly action at the graveyard where the victims are buried, Veli Encü on behalf of the families announced that they would never end their search for justice until light is shed on the massacre.
Encü pointed out that the voice of Roboki families needed to be heard by the “wise people” commission that has recently been established to serve for the currently ongoing process of talks for a solution to the Kurdish question.
Reminding of the most recent action the Public Prosecutor of Uludere has taken against him for allegedly “insulting a public officer by means of press”, Encü remarked that they were still facing threats and pressure against the struggle they have given for justice.
Referring to the Uludere Report by the Human Rights Commission of the Parliament which concluded that there was no deliberate action or intention in the operation against the victims, Encü said that the commission approved the disgraceful report despite all the objections it faced and the tears of victims’ mothers. He remarked that with this report the parliament intended to justify the perpetrators and cover up the truth of the massacre.
Encü ended by underlining that Roboki families demanded honorable peace which -he said- required justice for the victims of the Roboski massacre.

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