BDP delegation returns to Hewler

by editor | 7th April 2013 2:03 pm


A delegation of the Peace and Democracy Party (BDP) has returned to Hewler on Saturday after the visit they have paid to Kandil on Friday to deliver the letter Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan has recently written to Kurdish Communities Union (KCK) in the scope of the ongoing talks for a democratic and peaceful solution to the Kurdish question.

The delegation, consisting of BDP co-chair Selahattin Demirta? and Istanbul deputy S?rr? Süreyya Önder, is expected to spend several more days in Federal Kurdistan Region to have talks with relevant circles about the process.
Speaking to Dicle News Agency (DIHA) about the meeting with KCK executives in Kandil, BDP co-chair Selahattin Demirta? said that they had delivered both the letter and details of the most recent meeting they had paid to Öcalan in Imral? island, as well as Kurdish leader’s expectations and concerns over the process. “They will discuss the content of the letter and we think this will take some days, 3 or 4 perhaps. After that the KCK executives will write a letter in reply to Öcalan’s one, and this will be delivered to him through our delegation”, he said.

Talking about the feelings and mood he found in Kandil, Demirta? said that “The KCK is taking the developments very seriously, also watching and discussing them all in detail. They attach great importance to Mr. Öcalan’s calls, approaches and proposals. They are leading a healty debate but it was obvious during the meeting that this discussion and the process will not progress so smoothly. The KCK is not so lighthearted in its process of making a decision And in the end, they will be the one to make it”.

Remarking that BDP has been having talks with Öcalan, government authorities and KCK at the same time, Demirta? noted that they were also ready to provide information on the process to anyone requiring it. He pointed out that it was also very important to provide the Parliament with a briefing on the process and added; “This matter is related with the government which is supposed to lead this process. We, members of the BDP, attach importance to transparency and participation which are necessary to strengthen the legitimacy of the process and we think all parties should make a contribution to this process as much as they should”.

The delegation will meet Kurdistan Regional Government Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani and Parliament President Ersalan Bayiz in Hewler today.

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