What Abdullah Öcalan told his brother

The full report of what Kurdish leader Öcalan said to his brother last Saturday
Mehmet Öcalan had said that he had been taken to Imrali Island by ferry, the same ferry which has been defined as ‘not working’ for over a year. The message the Kurdish leader gave to his brother was this, as reported by DIHA news agency, “I’m calling from here to ask you to end the hunger strikes now. This action has achieved its goals.

Abdullah Öcalan’s brother said: “I met my brother, who hasn’t been allowed to see his lawyers for more than 15 months, for about 45 minutes. It was a face to face meeting and we obviously talked about the hunger strike. Everyone knows that only leader Apo can end the hunger strike”. said.
Öcalan has repeated to his brother that “the hunger strike has achieved its goals. This action is very meaningful for me. And because it was carried out in prison it is even more meaningful for me”.

In his message Öcalan also said that instead of “relying on people in prison to carry out protest actions” it would be necessary “for people outside to act. You must bring people in the streets in the cities especially in Diyarbakir – he said – and other big and important places”.

He also said he disapproved of the hunger strike and that “this action if carried out it should have been carried out by people outside prison”.

Öcalan also spoke to his brother Mehmet about Syrian Kurds and latest developments in the region. “I’m sending my greetings to Kurdish people in all parts of Kurdistan. Syrian Kurds – said Öcalan – cannot solve the problems of Syria only by seizining 6 cities. Contacts with Arabs, Jews, Christians and all the people of Syria must be sought and built upon. They must move all together. In this way, autonomy will reach its full meaning. It is clear – he added that neither Bashar Assad nor the FSA (Free Syrian Army) can free the people living there. The clashes lived there are very dangerous. Democratic autonomy can be meaningful if it is developed by all of the people of Syria”.

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