No justice for Pozant? victim

No judicial process has been launched into the inhumane treatment against Pozant? victim T.T. who was arrested once again after his release for telling about the sexual abuse and violence he had suffered in two prisons he was jailed in.
T.T. was jailed on March 7, accused of having taken part to an illegal demonstration after he told D?HA News Agency about the abuses he suffered in Pozant? and Kürkçüler prisons. D?HA journalist Özlem A?u? who interviewed T.T. was also been arrested on the allegations of being member of an illegal organization and making propaganda of an illegal organization.
The boy who was arrested in 2008 for the first time for alleged membership of an illegal organization was subjected to violence by soldiers and wardens as well as sexual abuse by an ordinary prisoner in the prison. However, none of those involved in violence and abuse against the boy has been sued so far.
On the other hand, the prosecutor asked 26 years prison sentence for the boy who has been jailed in Adana Kürkçüler F Type Prison for the last five months.

T.T’s lawyer Tugay Bek pointed out that the criminal complaints of his client haven’t brought about any judicial process against perpetrators of violence and sexual abuse he suffered.

Telling about what happened when he was taken to Kürkçüler E-Type prison, T.T. said that they had been tortured and abused by soldiers soon after their delivery to prison. “I was 16 years old. It was a rainy day when we were taken to the prison. We were made to undress in the prison garden which was full with water because of the rain. After looking at the accusation which claimed we were PKK members, the soldiers beat us for a long time. We were afterwards taken to the room of the commander and to a small cabin afterwards. We were made completely unclothed and harassed after that. We were delivered to guardians after the sexual harassment ended.”

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