Erdo?an, abortion and Roboski massacre

by editor | 30th May 2012 10:05 am

These words are not just the paranoia of an islamic prime minister
I am a prime minister who opposes caesarean births, and I know all this is being done on purpose. I know these are steps taken to prevent this country’s population from growing further. I see abortion as murder, and I call upon those circles and members of the media who oppose my comments: You live and breathe Uludere. I say every abortion is an Uludere. We have to know that it is an insidious plan to eliminate a nation from the world stage”.
Scary words used by Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdo?an at his party’s women congress. That Erdo?an opposes abortion is nothing new. The problem is he went further to theorize a precise approach to get rid of Turkey from the world scene through interruption of pregnancy and caesareans: and this is even more frightening.
It’s not just the paranoia of an islamic prime minister (and by the way, the government promptly announced that a new law to restrict abortion is on its way) in a country which is after all still mostly secular.
Erdo?an chose to compare abortion to the massacre of Roboski (where Turkish warplanes have killed 34 civilians), breaking the silence about the disgraceful attempt to cover up the truth about the massacre in the worst possible way. Although worded in a confusing way Erdo?an’s thinking about Roboski is clear: the accusation is not against the army that has killed 34 innocent people (many of them minors), but to those (a portion of the media, the Kurdish deputies and civil society, ie those who are seeking the truth and justice for the victims) who are, according to Erdo?an, “living and breathing Uludere,” that is “wasting time” with this massacre when those considered by the Turkish PM “real massacres”, that is, abortions, occur every day without anybody saying anything.

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