Mothers cry out: they killed my sons

Mothers of some of the kids killed in raids spoke out
Mercan Encü is the mother of ?ervan and Nevzat Encü. The two kids lost their life in the bombing by the Turkish army on Wednesday night. Mercan Encü is devastated by pain and sorrow. She cries and says “My children went to the border to buy fuel but the Turkish government mercilessly killed them. For which of my sons should I mourn now? They burnt my children.”
Zahide Encü, mother of 12-year old victim Aslan Encü also lost her son: “My elder son lost his foot seven years ago when he stepped on a mine while doing this work. – she says – My 12-year old son was smuggling also to get the money for a prosthesis leg for his elder brother. He went there to buy two bins of fuel. However, the state confronted them and sent warplanes against them. The children who died in the bombing – she adds – were all aged 12, some were 14. We have to smuggle because we don’t have any other opportunity”. The devastated mother cries out to the killers, the culprits of this massacre. She said they “are not God believers, not Muslims because Islam wouldn’t allow people to kill people with warplanes. All victims were burnt and their bodies torn apart beyond recognition. I wasn’t able to recognize the bodies of my children.”
Halit Encü, a relative of a victim of the bombardment, underlined that the state also knew that these people were smuggling. Smuggling – he added – is the only source of living of the people living in the area. Encü remarked that the state purposely prevented and killed them with bombs.

Relative of another victim, Ayaz Encü reported that they faced with a slaughter at the scene and showed the piece of a bomb in his hand. Encü said : “Our relatives were slaughtered savagely and mercilessly. The whole world needs to see that this is the real face of Turkey and the AKP. I call on the world public opinion to show awareness and the Turkish public opinion to be here.”

Responding to the request for the bodies to be transferred to Malatya Forensic Medicine Institute, villagers ask to bury their relatives in their village following an autopsy at Gülyaz? village clinic.

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