President Gül officially opened new Parliament term

Demirta?: we are here to represent the people who voted for us
Before entering Parliament today, BDP (Peace and Democracy Party) co-chair Selahattin Demirta? undelrined the fact that “this group, freely and democratically elected by the people, is not able to enter Parliament in its totality. Indeed – he added – five of our deputies are still in prison and what should have been a day of renewed hope as turned into a day where hope needs to be built and strengthened”.
Making the opening speech for the official beginning of the new Parliament, Turkish President Abdullah Gül stated that the elections on June 12 enabled the representation of all colors of politics in the Assembly.
Gül underlined the importance for a new language in politics and that the new Constitution needs to focus on global values and democracy to ensure peace and to prevent a civil war in the country. Gül said that the new Constitution must have a flexible structure but at the same time it has to strongly focus on the basic principles and sensibilities of all citizens. Under global norms of democracy, the Constitution must be based on basic rights and freedoms strengthened on the ground of citizenship, added Gül and noted that the new chart must also enable the state to be brought to account if necessary.
Sending a warning to the BDP, whose deputies are taking the parliamentary oath today, President Gül remarked that “politics must be separated from terrorism”.
“Terrorism, he said, must be rejected by all circles”. Gül emphasized that the “indivisibility and integrity of the state is uncompromisable and fight against terrorism will continue”.

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