BDP deputy Tu?luk: 120 thousand tents needed in Van

Going to the region after the earthquake, BDP MP for Van Aysel Tu?luk remarked that the situation is still serious in Erci? and some villages. “There is a need for at least 120 thousand tents. – she said – Where are the earthquake taxes collected so far?”
Noting that not even a single piece of aid has been delivered to many villages, Tu?luk said: “The weather is too cold, families and children are at streets, waiting to be helped.”
Tu?luk stated that tents are the most urgent need in the region as the people were fighting to survive under poor conditions in the nylon tents they set up themselves.  Tu?luk added that “People are angry at the TV channels which announced that aid materials have been delivered to all villages. This is not true and the situation is still critical.”  Tu?luk underlined that at least 120 thousand tents are needed for Van while the Red Crescent of an earthquake-prone country has only 40 thousand tents.
As a firsthand witness of the region and the difficulties, Tu?luk indicated that there were serious problems with the distribution and fair share of the materials brought to the region. Tu?luk criticized the substantial disorganization of the government of a seismic zone territory.
Tu?luk reminded that earthquake taxes had been made permanent by the AKP government since 1999 and noted that the society should address the issue about what these taxes were used for.

“People in the earthquake region are asking the same question”, added Tu?luk and emphasized that people were so angry that they didn’t want the government to reach them as it would be too little too late.

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