TAK claims responsibility for Ankara bomb

by editor | 23rd September 2011 9:30 am

The Kurdish organization warned of “war everywhere”
TAK (Kurdistan Freedom Falcons) has claimed responsibility for the bomb which exploded in Ankara on Tuesday.
In a message the organization has sent by mail to ANF it claims that “as we had warned before we are left with no other mean but to carry out attacks. Attacks will be carried out everywhere. Everywhere is a target”.
The statement also pointed out that “in our war against the fascist AKP government we consider every place to be a legitimate target and in particular war will hit the metropolis”.
The organization also claimed responsibility for two previous attacks in Eski?ehir and Antalya. “From now on any loss of life – the statement added – is to be attributed to Recep Tayyip Erdo?an”.
Three people were killed in the Ankara bomb and over thirty were injured.

Source URL: https://test.globalrights.info/2011/09/tak-claims-responsibility-for-ankara-bomb/