Government officials spoke with Öcalan, lawyer

Officials met Öcalan on Tuesday

Lawyers for Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan have returned from Imrali island where they had their weekly meeting with their client. Lawyer Do?an Erba? confirmed that officials from the Turkish state have met with Öcalan yesterday.
The lawyer also told journalists that there won’t be any statement today.
Öcalan had warned of a fierce war lying ahead should the AKP government not respond positively to the peace offers made by the Kurdish movement.
I want everyone to know that I will do my part. In case of the acceptance of my proposals and reaching an agreement about democratic solution, I will start my works and studies here for the peaceful solution. In such a case, the conditions need to be created for conducting the study more comfortably. All these works cannot be conducted through an hour’s talks a week like now. I will need to have talks with the actors of the problem, with BDP (Peace and Democracy Party) and with everyone. Productive communication conditions need to be created so that I can do my part in a better way. Under the condition of meeting these circumstances, I will work through peace and spend all my time on these works here.
Öcalan had said that “in case of positive results from the talks held here, a new process will begin here after June 15; the process of an unarmed democratic solution. And should we receive no positive developments, after June 15 will be different for everyone, this must be known. Everyone must play its own role in this case. If the state doesn’t take any step in this direction and if the choice of democratic solution fails, there will a conflict process with two governances. The first governance is the democratic autonomy which consists of not only Kurds, but also the power of an organization including Black Sea, Thrace, Aegean and all regions in Turkey. And the second governance is the hegemonic power of the AKP”.

In case of the failure of a democratic solution chance, said Öcalan “a conflict will be inevitable between these two powers. The conflict to emerge will not be the conflict of Turks and Kurds; it will be a conflict between democratic autonomous powers and the government forces of the AKP. I’m not threatening here; I am making a sociological evaluation. During the war of these two governances, I don’t know where the CHP (Republican People’s Party), MHP(Nationalist Movement Party) and Ergenekon will take place or glide through. I have no idea what their positions will be or what they will do, I do not care either.”

Justifying his statement about his possible withdrawal from the process as of June 15 Öcalan gave three reasons: “AKP’s attributing its own hegemonic power to me, its try to keep its government alive over me; the non ideological and unorganized political understanding of Kurdish politics; the method of guerrilla which conflicts and has no concern with military strategic-tactical methods”.

For these three reasons, Öcalan added “my taking a part in the existing conditions would be of no importance and I need to be relieved of the burdens and knots on me. This is what I mean with my withdrawal from the process as of June 15. I am not telling anyone to rage and destroy after June 15”.

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