PKK announced new unilateral ceasefire

by editor | 13th August 2010 8:58 pm

The PKK (Kurdistan Workers’ Party) announced a new unilateral ceasefire that will last until 20th September. PKK’s frame organisation, KCK released a statement in which it said that Kurdish guerrillas will hold their fire until 20 September.
Kurdish guerrillas would only defend themselves if attacked and will not attack Turkish army the statement said. The statement released on Friday said the unilateral ceasefire declaration is a new chance for the Turkish government to start a peace process.
KCK statement called on the Turkish government to halt all military operation against Kurdish guerrillas.  KCK also demanded the release of the 1700 Kurdish politicians and activists still in jail.  “The Turkish government must lay out the framework for Kurdish national leader Abdullah Ocalan’s active participation to the peace process”, the statement said.  KCK also called on Turkey to lower the 10 percent election threshold.
On its statement KCK also called on the international community especially the United Nations to play a constructive role for the peace process. PKK called off a two year unilateral ceasefire last June.
More than 200 soldiers and Kurdish guerrillas lost their lives since 1st June when armed activities by the PKK started again.

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